By now, most of us know that food addiction is one of the hardest to control or overcome. After all, we associate food with everything; we eat when we are happy, sad, angry, frustrated, bored, tired, etc. We celebrate success with food and we overcome failures with food. And to top it all, unlike smoking or drinking or drugs, we cannot eliminate it from our lives; we simply NEED food to survive. And it is EVERYWHERE!

So the magic formula lies not in gaining enough will power to resist all the delicacies around us (because that is simply impossible), but in doing the self-work to find out why we eat the way we do?

What is it that makes us reach for food or to polish off the entire pint of ice cream, or what makes us incapable of stopping at one slice of cake… Its not the food; I know I never dug into a bag of chips first thing in the morning. We don’t eat just because there’s junk in front of us, we eat because some emotion takes over our completely rational minds and we can’t help ourselves. Its like there’s a VOID we are all trying to fill with food, and only we can discover what that void is… but for that we have to be ready!

Ready to dig deep enough into our past and find the dark hole we are trying to fill with food.

Ready to say, that was our past and doesn’t define us anymore.

Ready to forgive and forget those who have hurt us.

Ready to change our thoughts and the story we tell ourselves.

Because we DESERVE better,

we DESERVE to enjoy food without guilt in all its glory,

we DESERVE to be happy, and most importantly,

we DESERVE to spend our energy on creating a better life for ourselves, not obsessing over all that was wrong in our lives.


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