Having a choice is a privilege-choose wisely!

Hello Fit warriors! Happy Election day. Hope you got out and exercised your right to vote today. Having a choice to vote is truly a privilege. I’m super excited, because this is the 2nd time in my life I get to vote for president of this amazing country, and I take it very seriously. Every single day we make a million choices, from waking up in the morning and jumping out of…

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Spring challenge collage

Why do I do it?

As I went through this weight loss journey, I got asked the same question over and over again: Why do I do it? How do I keep going? What’s next? And of course in my own curiosity to understand it, I kept digging deeper within myself and I think I finally know why I do it. Maybe its not a big revelation to anyone else, but it was to me so I…

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You can’t have your cake and eat it too….

It seems to me that we all want something to change when it comes to our fitness levels. No matter where I go, who I speak to, most people are generally unhappy with their fitness levels. Everyone has this innate desire to get leaner, stronger, fitter, build more stamina, lose the belly, etc, etc. But when it comes to doing the work to get there, there’s no limit to the…

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This year, I wish you pain and discomfort…

Have you ever met someone who stops you in your tracks and forces you to think a different way? Someone who challenges the beliefs you’ve held forever? Someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone. If you have, I suggest you hold on to them for dear life and do not let go. Because these are the people that will help you grow and succeed. Most of us love…

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Holidays Schmolidays….

Tis the season…… Its that time of the year, everyone’s in a mad rush to get somewhere, finishing up their last minute holiday shopping, year-end work stress, kids school activities/ holiday parties. I mean in the midst of all this, who really has the time to eat clean, let alone prep for the next few days, or even get a decent workout. I get it, the struggle is real. About 2…

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My cup runneth over…..

Hi friends, I’m baaaack!!! I’ve been a busy busy bee these past few months. This summer I decided to take the leap of faith and become a personal trainer/ fitness coach. Say whaaaat?? Anyway, before I knew it, I was interning at My Training Gym, assisting with boot camp classes and learning what personal training was all about. So much fun being a bootcamp instructor, see below 😉 I also had…

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The only diet/exercise program that works is…

The best diet/exercise program that will give you your dream body is…… A MYTH. Diets simply do not work, because they are primarily based on the premise of deprivation. The very instant you decide to go on a diet, you essentially tell your mind you will be deprived. Deprivation is not sustainable. Period. Unfortunately we live in a world of quick fixes: There are drugs that promise to make you feel better…

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Temptation is everywhere-What to do?

Food is everywhere, it provides pleasure and comfort! And no matter how hard we try we cannot hide from it. Whether we are celebrating a triumph or mourning a loss, we turn to food. So how the heck do we resist the temptations that arise around us everyday? The “old” me would usually give in to temptation, and then spend the rest of the day in self-loathe and disgust. But over time, I’ve picked…

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Taking care of my Ferrari

I just spent the last 10 days on an amazing trip to Europe with my dear husband. It was an unforgettable trip but I had a few concerns before I left: 1. How will I manage the food or exercise situation? 2. How much weight will I gain and how long will it take me to get it off again? In the past year, I have always traveled with some clean food…

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What’s my secret?

Every time I meet a new set of people I get asked, what’s your secret? How did you do it? Today I’m spilling the beans. 🙂 For my body type, burning fat and building lean muscle will always be my primary goal. In the beginning it was mainly weight loss, but once I reached my goal weight, it became more about focusing on toning and getting stronger physically, like being…

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